Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 13! Plus, a contest!

We were very lucky to have Fairlith and Cam from Geeks After Dark on the show to talk about exactly what GAD is, and why you should be attending. Other topics include the concept and practice of nerdlesque, as well as what we be playin'. This episode was a lot of fun to record, and we hope it gives you guys some insight into what makes the Vancouver geek scene so special. Our goal with HLVG is not only to entertain, but to inform and delight, and we hope we can keep bringing you local, exclusive content whenever possible. I have some cool guests and local celebs tentatively lined up for the new year, so stay tuned!

Now, about our contest. If you've been following, you know that we've been playing Russian Roulette with a cursed Nerf Maverick REV-6. I've made some modifications to the gun to make it more deadly than ever, so the stakes are now higher. With greater stakes come greater rewards... for you, the listening audience!

Here's where you come in. Every time we post a podcast -- like this one -- leave a comment with your predictions for the next podcast's game of death. If you guess correctly, you win! The prize will be something random from my game collection, shipped to you free if you live in North America. If you live somewhere else, you'll have to cover the shipping if you want your prize. Sorry. Shit gets expensive. If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, however, either D, myself, or both of us will hand-deliver your prize if you so desire.

All you need to do is comment with:
  1. Which trigger pull, from 1-6, will result in a killing blow
  2. Who gets shot on that pull
If you guess right, you win! If more than one person gets the guess right, we'll do a random draw. Here's a quick summary of our house rules to help you pick the winning horse.

  • Last week's loser gets to decide who gets first pull
  • One dart is loaded into the six-round barrel and spun to randomize the pull
  • Barrel is not randomized after each shot, so the chance of getting shot goes up each pull
  • Player aims the gun at his/her own head, pulls, then passes the gun to the next player
Note that we'll only be playing for prizes when it's just D and myself. If we have guests, we'll still play, but these are exhibition matches for glory, instead of both fortune and glory.

Leave your comments and tell your friends, and you too could be a winner!


Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 13!

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Geeks After Dark

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 12!

BOOSH! You all fall down.

After a long excursion in Mexico, D has returned to the motherland, so we sit down to talk about games. Mostly, we talked about how much D is enjoying Skyrim -- which I refuse to play -- and I talk about Modern Warfare 3 -- which D will never play.

Join us for a back and forth discussion about our game prejudices, why we avoid certain games, and how our gaming habits have changed as we grow older. Also, somebody totally gets shot in the head in a new segment where we play Russian roulette with a Nerf gun.

Also, we'll be signing these blogs from now on. They've all been from me so far, but you know. Consistency and all that.

- Mike

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 12!

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 11!

In this episode, D and I aren't too angry about things we should be angry about, and we don't know why. Maybe because those things are charming? I guess all you have to do is make physical DLC cute and we'll be all over it.

Join us for a discussion about Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Bastion, Skylanders, and more! Not much more, though. That about sums it all up. We promise you'll have a good time, though. At one point, my monotone borders on a brown note.

All shitting aside (hah!), please listen and enjoy! We'll be back with another episode once D returns to the country from parts unknown.

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 11!

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 10!

The way we pay for and consume games has changed. That's basically the point of this episode in a nutshell. So if that's all you need to know, I just saved you an hour.

If you're interested in hearing what we have to say about digital distribution, freemium gaming, and other the lack of boxes on our shelves, then feel free to listen to the podcast. It's free, and digital!

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 10!

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 9!

Ladies and probably just gentleman and no actual ladies, we'd like to present you with our PAX Prime 2011 podcast! Please accept and consume it in the usual manner. I'm not going to judge what that usual manner may be for you. Just please be safe as you join Mike, D, and the boys from Demon Lobster!

It could be good?!

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 9!

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 8!

Some of the best things in life are accomplished while sitting on your ass. Things like filing your tax claim and e-stalking people you went to school with. Thankfully, you can also enjoy some of the finest games with friends, right from the comfort of your own couch! Crazy, right?

This episode is all about the concept of couch co-op, which we used to just call co-op, but since the Internet is now a thing, we have to differentiate between which one happens online and which one takes place in meatspace. Join us as we talk shit about games that implement it poorly, and why couch co-op needs to be a standard feature in modern games.

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 8!

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 7!

Gaming is a guilty business. Though it's more culturally acceptable than in decades prior, gaming is still a bit of a stigmatized pastime. That hot blonde at the night club will still not be impressed by your World of Warcraft accomplishments. Trust me on this one.

Even among peers, gamers judge each other based on what they play. In this episode, we talk about our own guilty gaming pleasures. We're very ashamed and hope that we're still invited to your housewarming party

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 7!

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 6!

Everybody has to have an E3 podcast! It's the law. We're totally qualified to be telling you about the cool shit we saw at the show. Seeing videos of games is just as good as playing them. It's how amateur game journoz get by.

Also, I promise I will find a way to stop stuttering without sounding sedated. In this one, I do both. Thrills!

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 6!

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

iTunes! We're on it!

Now, we can enter your earholes faster than ever before! Subscribe to us on iTunes at the link below to get new episodes of Hey, Let's Videogames! as soon as I get off my ass and update the .xml file to tell iTunes it's okay to give them to you!

Hey, Let's Videogames! on iTunes

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 5!

Hoooooly shit, folks. Prepare for disappointment! Ours, not yours. We talk Virtua Tennis 4 and Moon Diver, and why each fails in some way. These aren't terrible games, but there are some missed opportunities here, and we let you know what the dilly-o is.

Also, we take some time to talk about character customization, and why it rules. Top it off with some fighting game nomenclature, and you have an episode of what can definitely be described as a podcast that you can listen to with your ears.

Also also, you'll be able to download us on iTunes very soon, as soon as I figure out why the store won't accept my .xml file. Technology, you're a bitch goddess, and I love/hate you.

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 5!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 4!


This podcast is a very special one. Not only does my stuttering reach amazing new heights due to a lack of caffeine, but D and I manage to talk about the Mortal Kombat series, movies and musical monstrosities for almost an hour. Why not give it a download? Maybe you'll learn something.

Prepare yourself! Johnny Cage's not afraid to die!

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 4!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 3!

We're trying to get a proper schedule down for this. We promise. Between funemployment, steaks, and the fact that we're still learning how to do this magical podcast thing, we've been slow in getting out episodes up. On behalf of D, I apologize.

But behold! The podcastening has begun!

Episode 3 is our best one yet. We talk at length about checkpoints, and what is acceptable in terms of how much progress a game should allow you to lose. Spoiler: We generally disagree.

Download the episode through the link below, and be sure to send in your answers for our question of the week! We want you to talk to us about humor in games. What works? What doesn't? How does videogame humor differ from humor in other media? We need to know, because we're going to record Episode 4 next week, and that's our topic.

Enjoy the show, and let us know what you think.

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 3

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Reminder: Submit your replies for Episode 2's community response!

Last time, on Hey, Let's Videogames!

Mike asked the community: What should the consequences be for death in videogames? What kinds of penalties are acceptable? How should death affect the game?

Now, it's time to answer the stuttering fool! Send your replies to heyletsvideogames at gmail dot com, or reply to @HLVGPodcast on Twitter with your responses! You could have your stuff read on Episode 3! Your opinion counts to us, because without you, we need to find something else to kill ten minutes. Keep us from doing something stupid with that time and support your local podcasts!

Oh, and a proper banner/layout for this blog, plus an icon for our Twitter around, should be coming soon. If you want to design something yourself, feel free. I love free stuff. That's why I enjoyed that Cold Steel DVD so thoroughly.

We out!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hey, Let's Getting Going!

Hello, and welcome to the first two episodes of Hey, Let's Videogames!

D and I have been hard at work over the last month, mapping out where we want the show to go, what we want to cover, and how best to present that content to you. Then we threw it all out the window and decided to go with a loose format and some alcohol abuse.

This resulted in our first two episodes, which you can download below. We hope to have the podcast up on iTunes once we get the minimum number of episodes, but for now, you can find them here. There's a marked jump in quality between Episodes 1 and 2 (in our opinion) and the more we do this, the better we'll get. Scout's honor.

So please, enjoy, and let us know what you think. We'll be back with another episode soon, and we hope to settle into a regular schedule once we get our rhythm going. Thanks for your patience! Tell your friends! Tell people you don't like, too.

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 01

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 02