Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 18! Minutes to Midnight!

In keeping with my never ending love affair with the concept of hype, I force D to sit down and talk about the concept of midnight launches. Why do people go out to them just to save a few hours of time? What's the friggin' point? As a veteran of several launches on both sides of the counter, I give a few reasons why they're not a totally ridiculous concept. You may enjoy hearing them.

We also talk about a few games we're playing. D continues to play really crazy iPhone games, while I nut up and play some actual console games. Epic Sax Guy makes a brief appearance as well.


Vancouver Retro Game Expo is happening this weekend, so we'll be attending that. If you're there, maybe we'll see you. We have no plans on how we're going to identify ourselves so if I were you, I would keep an eye out for the most awkward looking people in the room. Just assume that that's us.


Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 18!

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