Friday, 20 January 2012

Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 14! Welcome to 2012!

The times, they are a-changin'. Welcome to 2012! Things are going to be bigger and better. I know I always say that. I promise, it'll be different this time, baby. Shhhh. Don't fight. Just let it happen.

D and I haven't seen each other in awhile due to that real life bullshit, so this episode is primarily closing out 2011 by catching up on the games we've been playing and how we spent Christmas.

We're still doing our Russian Roulette segment, so please, participate. Leave a comment or email at at "heyletsvideogames at gmail dot com" with your predictions of who gets shot and on what trigger pull (from 1 to 6). We're going to be tossing a coin from now on to determine who gets to go first because this gun we're using is friggin' cursed. We did have a winner this ep, though, so keep it up. A winner could be YOU.


Hey, Let's Videogames! Episode 14!

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